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Acid Shampoo #20 Season 2 Finale presented by Vincent Manfuoco

18 June 2019

A blast of guitar-driven emotions released by Vincent Manfuoco on his last AS episode before a long break. Season III expected in early 2020.


Wilted Woman - LV
Rangers - Teamster
Stephen John Kalinich - If You Knew
Dr. John - I Walk On Guilded Splinters
Kurt Vile - Red Apples for Tom Scharpling
The Mothers Of Invention - Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
Derek Bailey, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Calvin Weston - What It Is
Horacio Pollard - untitled
Going - Amen
Giraffe - Liquid As Stream
My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone - Gun Named Jesus
Blur - Mellow Jam
Picchio Dal Pozzo - La Floricultura Di Tschincinnata
Sensation`s Fix - Music Is Painting
Lucio Dalla - Milano
Perfume Azul Do Sol - Sopro
Aa - Flag Day
Philippe Mate´ & Daniel Vallancien - Cyclothimie
Günter Schickert - Mauerharfe 2
Richard Pinhas & John Livengood - Moria
Special Costello - The Next Day

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