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Harlem Calling Set 4 w/ DJ Eric Prince

26 March 2024
  • House
  • Breakbeat
  • Deep House
  • Funky

Eric Prince goes into another eclectic set for the month of March. Listen and enjoy!


prince calling.PNG


Larss, Papa DJ, Napoli Underground - Jazzin in Paris (Original Mix)

DJ Rain - Hi Ku Olova (Original Mix)

Curtis Hairston - I Want You All Tonight (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)

Dave Lee ZR, Joey Montenegro - Make A Move On Me (Dubwize Re-Organisation)

Roei Dolev - Funky (Original Mix)

Babs Presents - When She Speaks (Original Mix)

Babs Presents - Those Brown Eyes (Original Mix)

Soulidan, Bjazz11 - Flight 0380 (Original Mix)

Swanky - Let Me Be (Original Mix)

Youandewan - Sofa Surfa (Original Mix)

DJ Brownie - The Message (Original Mix)

CoolTasty & Javo Scratch - Fresh Flamenco (Original Mix)

Teen Daze - Life Style

Andre Espeut, Elbert Phillips - Tears (Radio Edit)

Peter Koren - Nature (Home Is Where I Am)

June Jazzin - Asambeni Makholwa (Original Mix)

Jay Murphy, Funky French League, Natalie Nova - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (Xtended Mix)

Carmelo Carone - HEAVENLY GROOVE

Nick Jones Experience - Sunny Days

Erik Bo - Vibes (Original Mix)

Pavane - Reaction (Original Mix)

Tomy - BAD BOY (Original Mix)

Dusty Dan - Down To The Low (Frazer Ray Remix)

Subconscious BSC - Spy Tech

R-Tesia - Where Do We Go? (Go Chill Mix)