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Cashmere Guest Mixes Me Fascina x Ga Robles — Episode No.3

02 December 2023
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Folk
  • Latin
  • Delicate
  • Exotic
  • Flowing
  • Uplifting
  • Wintery

Me Fascina Ep.3 draws a path through nostalgia and change, through the expectations of what’s to come, and the contemplative state in the Berlin winter. After a dramatic Beaver Moon and heavy-low temperatures, me fascina scoops the melting sounds of the Latin American tropics and other warm waters.

The statement for this time is “Transformaciones sódicas”. This so-eclectic show includes audio as interludes of people clicking on the perks and wounds of personal transformation processes. Thanks to Melina Delfino, Amanda Chamorro, and Judith Parguiña for their contributions 🙂