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Cashmere Guest Mixes Nusasonic Radio #5: Banana Ketchup

3 September 2021

This is a teaser. For the whole episode head over to Nusasonic’s Mixcloud.

Produced by Heresy & WSK, with Angely Chi, PAWN and SAKA.

The “Banana Ketchup” episode is inspired by food chemist & war heroine Maria Orosa, inventor of this ubiquitous Philippine condiment.

Featuring 3 segments from the 3 major cities of the Philippine archipelago (Davao, Cebu & Manila), each showcase sound, music, & conversations from the hosts’ respective regions.

Including experimental interviews & field recordings among displaced Mindanao ethnic groups (Manobo bakwit & Bajau Sama Dilaut) compiled by cultural activist Angely Chi; new tracks from producers & sound artists in the Visayas (John Caing, EBMx, Summer Veins, Ashtrays to Gaza, Future Teenager, Anne A, Hey! It’s Your Birthday, & Libya Montes) by indie label PAWN; songs by musicians from the anti-fascist movements (catpuke, Barangay Pesante Combo, & Kampon) presented by Alyana Cabral and Ten Derillo of artist-activist alliance SAKA; and a new collaboration by Kat Estacio & Dale Bazar.

Artwork by Bjan Bernabe & SAKA.

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