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Cashmere Sessions The Entertainment w/ Nina Guo and ADACHI Tomomi

21 July 2021

The Entertainment

episode 4 feat. ADACHI Tomomi, sound poet/composer/improviser/vocalist


Positivity News – holding the door open for the next person at a record high!

Belt It, Baby!

Vienna Bees Choir perform ‘Son si belle le rose’ (Gesualdo)

The Organization of Right-Side Uppers Against Upside Downing

Smelt It, Baby!

Cube Society: Modern Living for the Minimal Bro

A reading from Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives

additional hear-ances by Bill Marsbars (neighbor and technical whizz) and Melanie the vocal aura intuitive

Thank you to Lukas

The Entertainment is an improvised variety comedy show with musical guests. It is hosted, written, and performed by soprano Nina Guo ( It is supposed to be funny.

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