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Drone Day 2021 – Chris Dreier Drones 2014 – 21

29 May 2021

Drone works made with modular system, field kit, field recordings and electromagnetic antenna.

Chris Dreier is a visual and sound artist based in Berlin. She was an early member of Die Tödliche Doris and plays solo as well as in several sound projects (MK/CT, Burqamaschines, Dexia Defunct). She is one half of the Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence, an artists’ practise with a monthly show at Cashmere.


EMF Drone (2021)

May Drone (2021)

February Drone (2020)

D's Ashes (2014)

Waterworks (2015)
Vibramina Renatus by Monocube (Ukraine), Drone Records

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