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Eastern Daze #33 with Klammklang

1 March 2021

Klammklang (est. 2013) is a Siberian-raised, Moscow-based label and collective turning margins into junctions by bringing together artists whose practice inhabits the peripheries of the musical. The mix features a selection of tracks from KK artists and friends and some sounds related to their everyday practice, including voice messages and other sonic artifacts of the mundane.

This mix was put together by Stas Sharifulin.


Elina Bolshenkova — yasenevo district cello
Nikita Bugaev — Untitled
>>>> a voice msg from N.B.
Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen — Untitled
>>>> a set of voice msgs from H.E.
Sergei Demin — Music for Moscow Parties
>>>> a voice msg from Z.T.
Elina Bolshenkova — prospekt mira, 06:07 p.m.
Vlad Dobrovolski — Water Hugs
Maria Karpovich & Felicity Mangan — Traces
Evgeny Bylina — The Lucid Dreams of Guglielmo Marconi (II)
Lisa Smirnova — Untitled
Diana Romanova — Untitled
>>>> a voice msg from E.B. reading an Ukrainian poem
a c e a — Meditation In Сase Of Emergency
Foresteppe — 3Z
Kirstine Elise Kjeldsen — Untitled
>>>> a voice msg from Zurkas Tepla
Zurkas Tepla — Clash_48_hours zurkas tepla re-​​work ТРАКТОВОЧКА Margenrot — Acceptance
Mouraz — Untitled
>>>> a voice msg from A.T.
Lovozero — Untitled
Maria Karpovich — Quinnim Metamorphosis
Lisa Smirnova — Untitled
Diana Romanova — Hurlement
Pavel Milyakov — Spring Flute

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