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Elope #41 on the train of thought w/ Elena Poulou

24 January 2023
  • Ambient
  • Trance
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Celebratory
  • Wintery
  • Soulful

on a straight journey from a friend to Baroque mourning songs, I took a different direction an found a new Album by Zsolt Sores aka AHAD, my own lament for friend Billy, a Hittite Man and rebetika songs about drinking too much I found myself in a new secret dream bar with Hil and round rounds

elope 41 g.jpeg


Zsolt Sores - Astro-Noetic A
The Fall - Hittite Man
Tok Tok - Seven

Τα παιδιά της γειτονιάς σου / Νταλγκας
Μαρικά παπάγκικα
Παναγιότατος Τουντα / κρασοπινω
Αντονις Νταλγκας / Το μπαγλαμακι σπάσε
Στελλακισ περπινιαδις / η φονη του άργιλε

Eleni Poulou - Billu
Eleni Poulou - Stones Unturned
Ήσουνα ξηπολιτη