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Fictions Fictions #50 w/ Gigsta – In A Train (Pt I: Planes And Tales)

31 March 2022
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50th edition of Fictions!! We’re opening a train trilogy, starting off with an edition investigating the aviation industry.

Including quotes from works by:

Bridger, Rose – Plane Truth

Fanon, Franz – Wretched Of The Earth

Fremeaux & Jordan – We Are Nature Defending Itself

Hickel, Jason – Less Is More

Malm, Andreas – How To Blow Up A Pipeline

Piketty, Thomas – Une brève histoire de l’égalité

Porte, Sébastien – Le dernier avion

Soper, Kate – Post-Growth Living

More infos on:





The Detroit Company - Tai Chi and Traffic Lights
Orphax - Less Is More
Dead Air - Post Apocalypse Listings
Zoë McPherson - Decides Itself
Batu - Former World
Sho - Geopolitics
PJS - Forest
Aho Ssan - Blind Power (ft The Mensah Imaginary Band)
Mordant Music - Man On A Spool
Richard Davis - Methane Sea - Aftermath
Civilistjävel! - A2
Boreal Massif - Angel Of Dub
Boreal Massif - Dew Point Rising
NVST - Fire & Exposure (Flames In The Car Edition)
Vril - Statera Rerum
Jeanne Moreau - Minuit Orly