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Fulmen #3 with Carlo Maria and Caterina Barbieri guest: Laura Agnusdei

6 March 2018

Fulmen’s third show features a 30 minutes mix put together by Laura Agnusdei, an Italian saxophone player and electronic musician based in The Hague. Following the mix is Caterina’s and Carlo Maria’s free-form selection, featuring some of the freshest releases as well as contemporary classics.


Selection by Laura Agnusdei:

Albert Ayler - Interview for France Culture 27 July 1970
Pierre Bastien - Moody Doom
Rob Mazurek - Chimeric Tomes
Marimba - What is life if you can’t be punched and then get a kiss (side B)
Jon Hassel & Ry Cooder & Jacky Terrasson - Wide Sky
Laurel Halo - Do U ever Happen
Hieroglyphic Being - Nidhamu (HuKuMu version)
Faye MacCalman - sax solo
Francis Bebey - La condition Masculine
Nicolas Gaunin - Ao Toto
Vanishing Twin - It sends my heart into a spin
Gigi Masin - Magic Touch

Selection by Caterina Barbieri and Carlo Maria:

Pita - 20150609
Second Woman - Instant I
Jessica Ekomane - Untitled
Philip Glass - Negro River
Zinja Hlungawani - N’wagezani My Love
Jung An Tagen - 20:03 HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?
David Borden - Enfield in Winter
François Bayle - Toupie dans le ciel

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