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INSIJAM #7 with Chago – Galiza meets Beirut & vice versa

27 January 2024
  • Avant-Garde
  • Arts & Culture
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this INSIJAM session with Chago was truly all about chances and encounters – first our journey to Cashmere Radio was stressful due to the railway strike in Germany then we had some technical problems at the beginning – but both of us beautifully embraced what happened as we had a conversation that DJ/playing music is all about embracing these moments, which truly goes with our spirit and the show's spirit, which for me is all about chances and encounters and/or "an ode to spontaneity and a claim of error" as Chago writes in his bio –

thank you Iago for being part of this session, i truly enjoyed it – hugs to you –

Galiza meets Beirut


not a TL just a quick show introduction:

Galiza meets Beirut
Spain meets Lebanon
a vice versa
a beautiful conversation between Chago and me -