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Music From Mullets #19 w/ Frinda di Lanco — Crazy Temple Release Special

28 February 2024
  • Folk
  • Oddities
  • Progressive Rock
  • Rock
  • Hypnotic
  • Intense
  • Psychedelic
  • Playful

For Music From Mullets #19 we're going deep into the guitar section and celebrate the release of the forthcoming Crazy Temple EP on Avec Plaisir – the label that I am running with my partner Hendrik Stein. We will listen to six tracks of the record which is gonna be release by March/April 2024. To complete the journey I've been digging into Austrian and German Progressive Rock from around the 80s as well as pulled some great Rock oddities and classics from the Avec Plaisir Shop.

Record available at avec-plaisir.bandcamp.com/album/crazy-temple



1st Hour

Laboratorium – Late-Coming
Crazy Temple – Ev’rything's Alright
One Day Fly – I’m A Fool
Mc Oil – Sailing Around
Crazy Temple – King Devil
Flight – Bird In The Sky
SRM – No Reason To Get Excited
Jet Black – Lord Of Midnight
Acoustic Groove Band – Asparagus
Crazy Temple – Holidays
Adelhard Roidinger – Kreisform
Johnny Lamas – Arpas Eternas
Sound Control – Let The Music Play
Pink Floyd – Machine Dream

2nd Hour

Crazy Temple – Homecomer (Frinda Gentle Edit)
Robert Dunn – Blue Blue Eyes
Redbone – Niji Trance
Wizz Jones & Werner Lämmerhirt – Eleanor Rigby
Crazy Temple – In The Park
Talisman – Never Walk Alone
Franz de Byl – Birthday
Sound Control – Dance With Us
Illusion – Cruising Nowhere
Freestyle – Easy To Fall
Creation – Gone With The Wind
Crazy Temple – Life And Love
Free Feeling Band – Keep Your Soul Alive
Flight – Girl I’ve Been Waiting