Weekly Schedule (CET)


18 November 2021
  • Cut Up/DJ
  • Electronic
  • Flowing
  • Intense

QASEEDA is a series of guest show and events featuring DJs producers and artists from the SWANA region and its diaspora sharing with us the soundscapes that have inspired and influenced them until today. Created by London-Berlin based curator Erkan Affan (of MOU7I6), with visual and production support from Tewa Barnosa and Youcef Hadjazi (of MOU7I6), QASEEDA is an ode to our creativities.

Guest 1 info: DJ NAH CARE is a Kurdish DJ based between Berlin & Copenhagen. The inspiration from this mix comes from “all the teen memories I had growing up in Copenhagen among other BIPOC. We shared a lot of bangers with each other after Qur’an school, even though it was ‘haram’. Now, we reclaim”.

Qassida Dancing2.png