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Ranting & Raving #5 with Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Connor Featuring Poopie

14 January 2017

Elissa Suckdog and Sarah Connor wrap up 2016 with a discussion about the RA poll of the top 100 DJs of the year and reflection on the best and worst moments in club culture. Sorry this one’s a bit late lol.

NOTE: Do NOT listen to our track IDs before or after we go on breaks because some of them are wrong. This episode was recorded in advance and we ended up putting in different tracks than we said we played on the air. THE CORRECT TRACKLIST IS AS FOLLOWS:
Yally (Raime) „Burnt“ (Boomkat Editions)
Rashad Becker „Dances V“ (PAN)
Leibniz „Simple“ (Rat Life)
Lena Platonos „Η Κυψέλη (The Beehive)“ (Dark Entries)
The Holy Fix „Quite Vicious“ (P Balans)
Mark „Our home and heart is in Berlin, as we believe in the potentials of the local creative scene.” (A Colourful Storm)
Pauline Oliveros In The Arms Of Reynols „We Are Still Thinking About The Title?“ (Creamgarden)

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