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Secret Communications #27 w/ Ilius

18 October 2021

Glad to be back on air after a few month break. Secret Communications 27 is a selection of mostly new material by mostly Lithuanian artists showcasing the rich diversity of our experimental scene. Tracks change one another like different views from a train window on a long journey. The selection is like a long walk in the park with no particular destination. Here vivid ambient spaces, Vilnius field recordings, silent folk tunes stand next to moody IDM, early 90’s jazz experiments and leftfield pop tunes.


Vladas Dieninis - A (Isla To Isla, 2021)
Andra Ljos - Cleanse The Souls (Not Not Fun, 2021)
Caline With C - Faemi Flower (Traumgarten, 2020)
Forgotten Plants - Joules Jump (C12, 2020)
Bleach Cult - Kenny (Partyzanai Pop, 2020)
Simas Okas - Migration (Nose Job, 2021)
Greitas Smelis - Singularis (Tapekiosk, 2021)
Auguste Vickunaite - Day Nr. 3 (self-released, 2018)
Ugne Uma - Frankui (Kashual Plastik, 2021)
Rokas Zubovas & Phil Von - Scent Of Dusk (Smala Vilneliai) (Zona Records, 2021)
Merope - Vilnia (Stroom/Granvat, 2021)
Intuicija - Luztanti Sviesa (self-released, 2020)
Matisse - Peronas I - Kelias I (Jam Records, 1999)
Vladas Dieninis - J (Isla To Isla, 2021)
Undveld - Seeing Through The Broken Glass In My Head (Static Motion, 2021)
Davai Begam - Lazdos Daina (Tapekiosk, 2021)
Pijus Dziugas Meizis - III (self-released, 2021)
B.P. - View Of The Shield (Amulet Of Tears, 2021)
Vladimir Tarasov - Atto IV, Pt. 2 (Мелодия/Jazzpuu, 1990/2018)

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