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TRANSIENCE #40 with Lou Drago and Bana Haffar

22 November 2021
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Drone
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric
  • Bombastic
  • Celebratory
  • Cinematic
  • Delicate

It is undeniable that we are living in uncertain times. For those of us failing to fit the patriarchal neoliberalist mould, we have lost hope in the future. We can see capitalism is not working but we cannot yet envisage an alternative. In a world where security is no longer feasible, the only constant we can rely on is change. Regardless of one’s point of reference, we can understand that every aspect of life, physical and mental is in flux and perhaps this transience is the only thing we can depend on.

This month we have meandering musician, Bana Haffar, to ruminate on these ideas and create an hour of relief from these (and other) anxieties. A temporary suspension of reality…

You can listen to more of Bana Haffar’s music here: banahaffar.com

Photography by Janusz Lorent



Lou Drago Host Mix (re-run of Transience 20)

Kenji Kawai - M02 Ghosthack (Unused Track)
Daniel Lauter - Minitation III
Leif - Mimosa
Jab - Menu Music For Video Game
Shasta Cults - Sine Waves with Subtle Phase
Helm - Leave Them All Behind
Kevin Verwijmeren - Oh Myth
Robert Henke - Layer 10
Neel - The Secret Revealed
Anthony Child - Astralinguistics 111
diser tape - www
Kelly Moran - Helix
Kali Malone - Litanic Cloth Wrung

Bana Haffar Guest Mix

Bana Haffar – totally alive and totally invisible 
AHRKH – Haze Cascade
Jo Johnson – In The Shadow of the Workhouse
Mike Dobler – qsto23m
Bana Haffar – The Fool
Shackleton – Few Are Chosen
clipping. with Christopher Fleeger – Metal
Hazard – Village 
Shabason - Gunning – Bois Blanc 
Ryoji Ikeda – Luxus
Bana Haffar – Slow Hiji Catetan