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Wanderlust #57: Kg Augenstern ‘Tentacles’

29 June 2020

Tentacles by Kg Augenstern

The artist group Augenstern (Christiane Prehn and Wolfgang Meyer) have lived and worked on the ship Anuschka for many years. In July 2014 the MS Anuschka left Berlin in the direction of Paris before reaching their final destination in the south of France in November 2014. On the way, the crew examined numerous bridges, spanning rivers and canals. Using tentacles installed on board to scratch the bridges, the ship turned into a sensitive, perceiving and sounding laboratory interacting with the territory. Each of the bridges passed has its personal soundprofile, created by its shape, its practical use and its way of construction. During the journey KG Augenstern presented audiovisual performances that could be observed and heard along the banks. Exhibitions of “Tentacles”- installations where shown in contemporary art spaces at Arles and Valence. A complete documentation of the sound recordings can be heard on the SoundWays application.

This is an excerpt presenting the first stretch of the journey: Berlin | Km 0 – 25

You can find more info on the project and purchase the recording here.

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