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Image: Passage: Hexadeca’frog’ic by Felicity Mangan

Passage: Hexadeca’frog’ic by Felicity Mangan

Posted August 12, 19:21 hr

This Friday 14 August at 18:00 our Passage Program continues: Felicity Mangan will present Hexadeca’frog’ic, a sound piece commissioned and developed for a 16 channel sound installation in our garden.

It features a mix of newly recorded field recordings made in gardens and wetland biotopes around Berlin, during the recent lockdown period. The piece builds upon Mangan’s previous work Stereo’frog’ic (Longforms Editions), a play on the word stereophonic, a sound piece crafted from found Australian wildlife recordings of frogs, insects and other ‘vocal’ animals wavering about in a stereo field.

This time the piece is a play on the word Hexadecaphonic as the piece is made for 16 channel installed within an urban garden habitat.

Hexadeca’frog’ic will be broadcasted live in binaural audio, listening via headphones is recommended.


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