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Image: Ultra-Face video installation

Ultra-Face video installation

Posted February 20, 17:00 hr

On the nights of Saturday 22nd and Tuesday 25th February, Cashmere will be exhibiting the video installation of Alex Murray, entitled Ultra-Face. Ultra-Face is a realtime, algorithmic video that programs live camera streams into an ever-changing narrative arc. The work poeticises a chaotic, unstable world in which images are received at such high-frequency that our present can only be grasped through pure experience. This temporal regime demands mythical interpretations and schematics to avoid the question of our historical stagnation. Thus, Ultra-Face proposes a model for film development influenced more by high-frequency trading than traditional linear production processes. Its narration becomes a slow disclosure of its computational organs, of the millisecond processes that inscribe meaning onto the world. And with this, comes a deep questioning of the state of our buffering present.

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