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  • 05 May, 2022Talk Show
  • 25 May, 2022Ambient / Balearic / Downtempo / Electronic
  • 23 May, 2022Drone / Experimental / Electronic / Noise / Oddities
  • 20 May, 2022Collage / Industrial / Radio Play / Techno
  • 21 May, 2022Bass Music / Electronic / Experimental / Folk / Hip Hop


  • May 25, 2022

    Forests of Antennas, Oceans of Waves presents RADIO OTHERWISE – circling thresholds

    Experimental radio broad- and narrowcast from a boat in the Spree
    Broadcast starting from Müggelsee at 17:00 on 88,4 FM Berlin & 90,7 FM Potsdam and online at radiootherwise.net & antennenozeane.de & cashmereradio.com.
    Performance at 21:13 narrowcast on 88,4 FM around the Stralauer Spitze, Berlin 10245 Berlin
    BYOR (bring your own radio) for the performance (some radios will also be available on site).
    It is also possible to catch the transmission along the riverside in the course of the evening – we encourage people to find spots around Plänterwald, Rummelsburg, Treptow etc and receive the transit emission with their own radios.

    The 2nd intervention moves away from the streets of the city and focuses on the waterways of Berlin as public space, considering infrastructures of flow in terms of water as well as electromagnetic waves. Radio Otherwise will create a transitional, environmental radiophonic space for the encounter and interaction of signals, bodies, ecologies and knowledges, made while circling thresholds of transmissions and architectures, beyond the purely anthropogenic.
    A temporary studio will be set up on the Unkraut boat for a live transmission as it slowly moves from the south-east periphery towards the city of Berlin. During its journey, the studio will both receive and transmit, thus creating a complex system of interdependence: Live inputs from a variety of electromagnetic signals from both natural and human-made sources come together on the water, together with the live environmental sounds of the transient studio space.
    These live generated soundscapes, which are composed of the constantly changing sources and signals received during the journey, will be broadcast on 88.4fm in Berlin, 90.7fm in Potsdam, streamed online at https://radiootherwise.net and https://antennenozeane.de, starting with the beginning of the journey at 17:00. It will also be narrowcast via micro FM, so that local reception will be possible within 400 metres of the boat. Listeners will be able to connect online throughout this period or also pick up a passing FM signal from the riverside.
    The culmination of the event will be a live performance starting at 21:13, the beginning of sunset – the threshold between day and night, a time in which radio signals naturally propogate further. The transmission performance can only be received via FM radios on location at Stralauer Spitze – BYOR (Bring Your Own Radio).

    Radio Otherwise is an ongoing artistic research project motivated by the many knots which art, knowledge-making/sharing and communication encounter.Thinking and doing radio otherwise means focussing beyond purely anthropogenic transmissions, recognising relationality within the spectrum of more-than-human radio ecologies. Together with a wide network of radio enthusiasts, Kate Donovan, Monai de Paula Antunes and Niko de Paula Lefort explore the plurality of experiences involved in radio-making in connection to ecological thinking.

    Forests of Antennas, Oceans of Waves is a series of events taking place in Berlin from May to October 2022, consisting of artistic interventions in urban spaces, a conference in cooperation with the Museum of Communication Berlin, and a final exhibition in the project space Liebig12.
    All events will be in English.


Cashmere Radio is a community experimental radio station based in Wedding, Berlin. Broadcasting underground music, talk shows and live performative arts.