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The 12-Hour Drive as a Sculpture

by Max Eilbacher
09 November 2017 - 09 December 2017

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After “‘Blue is the Frequency’ or Meditations on a Single Demon” it is our great pleasure to present another generative composition by Baltimore’s Max Eilbacher which he developed while in residence at Cashmere Radio earlier this year.

Max Eilbacher wrote about his piece:

“When composing a piece of music, a basic question arises: where should a sound be placed in a timeline and for how long? This question can be circumvented and further explored by introducing a generative technique within the piece.

In the same state of mind in which I put my body in a poorly maintained van hurling at 80 miles per hour down the freeway for weeks on end, I created a generative system that acts as a vehicle that moves sound through time and thus through space. The monotony of a long drive makes me question the nature of perception in its relation to the passing of time. Small and large details become blurred in a paradoxical way. 


Within my generative piece, “The 12 Hour Drive as a Sculpture,” sound is the medium in which the individual can derive meaning from point A to point B.”

For the full work description download the PDF.


The work of Max Eilbacher draws upon the European traditions of electroacoustic and musique concréte composition, the intuitive American free noise underground, and the abstract edges of processing-intensive computer sound. Recent records have been released by Spectrum Spools, Fogged Records, Anomia, NNA Tapes, and a series of self released cassettes. He has toured extensively through North America and Europe with collaborations and solo projects.