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47 Umdrehungen

by Alexandra Cárdenas
02 June 2015 - 16 June 2015

For the premiere of Chronopolis we are very proud and excited to present the also the world premiere of Alexandras new piece called „47 Umdrehungen“.

The piece is was entirely done with supercollider, a programming language for sound synthesis. Once started, the composition will run self contained behaving like a system in a generative manner. There is no Input from outside of the system, in a way every potential sound is laid out and existent in the code, but many parameters are programmed to follow random decisions, so we are all excited how it will behave and inhabit Chronopolis for the dedicated timespan of two weeks.


Alexandra is a composer and sound artist from Bogota (Columbia), now living and working in Berlin.

As a performer she is playing the electric guitar but mainly she composes her sounds using her laptop. She has a strong focus on live electronics and live coding has become her main tool. Alexandra is often collaborating with composers and musicians, coding live with her laptop and playing alongside acoustic instruments.