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Degradation Loops

by Jasmine Guffond
18 November 2016 - 04 December 2016

Originally conceived for an exhibition at 55 gallery in Sydney, Degradation Loops, gradually, and completely bit crushes Jasmine’s album ‘Yellow Bell’, over a duration of 16 days.  A process of sonic destruction unfolds in response to a group show in which visual artists destroy their work, to create new work, and question the role of commercial galleries within the art industry.

‘Bit Crushing’ is the reduction of the sampling rate, and bit depth of a digital audio signal. An industry standard sampling rate of 44.1kHz, and a bit rate of 16 was established by Philips and Sony with the Compact Disc format in 1982. At the time this became an encoding standard by which to communicate, listen, and make music.


Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and composer from Sydney, AU, living and working in Berlin, DE.  Focused on electronic composition across music and sound art contexts, through the sonification of data she addresses the potential of sound to engage with contemporary political questions. She has performed live internationally, exhibited sound installations and recorded music for CD and 12inch vinyl with the Staubgold, Monika Enterprise and Sonic Pieces labels.