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LIMEN – Ecologies of Transmission

by Mario de Vega, Daniela Silvestrin, Víctor Mazón Gardoqui
14 February 2017 - 21 March 2017

– broadcasting at select times across the Radio Schedule –

Chronopolis presents LIMEN – Ecologies of Transmission
– part of the transmediale / CTM vorspiel program –

Mario de Vega, Daniela Silvestrin, and Víctor Mazón Gardoqui present their research project LIMEN which is dealing with the proliferation of electromagnetic signals produced by wireless telecommunication devices and other microwave technologies, discussing their impact on cognitive development, genetics, the health of living systems, as well as their implications for social interaction and emotional exchange. Their research led to a book publication designed by Martin Müller who will also join the discussion which is moderated by Jacob Eriksen and Lukas Grundmann.

The talk is followed by a new episode of Chronopolis, the show for long durational generative music and sound, featuring a sonic expression of the LIMEN research. From 14th February until 18th of March the sound of electromagnetic emissions produced by wireless telecommunications infrastructure will be on air during selected times on CASHMERE RADIO. A device for high frequency detection will be installed at the station, amplifying electromagnetic activity into audible range, making it possible to observe the overpopulation of signals active in the boundaries of human sensory threshold (Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G, GPS, etc.).