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Die Zeitzyklen 1 (Winternacht)

by Tristan McGuire
01 December 2015 - 31 December 2015

“Die Zeitzyklen 1 (Winternacht)” is a genetically controlled, evolutionary piece of drone music. A genetic algorithm provides a link between time and sound. The genetic algorithm uses a population of individuals each made up of four chromosomes. Each of these chromosomes is linked to a synthesis module. So what we hear at any given moment is an audio expression of the average genotype.
The chromosomes evolve in cycles – one cycle is an hour long, one a day long, one a week long, and one is the full month. At the peak of each cycle the appropriate synthesis module should be in harmony with itself. When two cycles reach their peaks those two modules should also be in harmony with each other. All four cycles should reach their peak on midnight of the night between the 21st and the 22nd of December – the winter solstice – and then devolve into dissonance again.
These time cycles for the winter solstice are a build up to the moment when the shortening days and lengthening nights become the lengthening days and shortening nights. It heralds and celebrates that moment and then the moment passes. This is why the piece has the subtitle ‘Winternacht’ – it is the darkest winter night.


Tristan McGuire is an artist and composer who explores the idea of evolution, growth, change, and the infinite through the application of biologically inspired computational processes to artistic tasks. He lives and works in Ireland and has had work displayed and played at home and internationally.