Weekly Schedule (CET)

Vibrating Body

by Emanuele Porcinai and Deniz Le Vent
30 May 2017 - 14 June 2017

– broadcasting at select times across the Radio Schedule as part of Chronopolis, the show for generative music, and on view at the station –


“Vibrating Body” is a sound sculpture made of three electric guitars suspended over three loudspeakers, creating feedback tones at ever-changing intervals.

By means of a generative music system, “Vibrating Body” aims at creating a living environment out of inanimate physical objects causing each other to resonate in a ritualistic setting.
The guitar signals are fed to the respective loudspeakers via an algorithm-controlled system to generate complex, evolving patterns of physically resonating strings.
Vibrating bodies in space, interacting sonically and physically, give rise to a ceremony calling for the participation of the viewer – a ritual whose sequential order is constantly re-written by the generative system, celebrating the uncontrollable nature of the sonic events.


Emanuele Porcinai:

Composer and producer, graduated in Sound Engineering & Sound Design at SSR Manchester, UK.

His solo project WSR has been releasing on Contort Records since 2015.
He oper­ates in the limbo between acoustic and syn­thetic music, human­is­ing elec­tronic sources while mutat­ing sounds taken from real instru­ments and envi­ron­ments. His research and exper­i­men­ta­tion focuses on the pos­si­bil­i­ties given by self-built string instru­ments and their sonic phys­i­cal­ity in both stu­dio prac­tice and improvisation/live per­for­mance.


Deniz Le Vent:

Deniz Le Vent’s musical education is mainly shaped from his relocation to Berlin. He is currently studying philosophy and german literature at Humboldt University and works in the fields of sound and theatre.