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12’ Bar Ramblin’ #43 ‘Back to the West Coast’ with Stefan Matussek

19 November 2019
  • Blues
  • Boogie
  • Soulful
  • Melancholy
  • Laid-Back

This jazzy style of the blues that developed on the west coast of the US, has its origins in the 1940s. During this decade many Texas blues musicians relocated to California as part of the Second Great Migration. In this sense the West Coast Blues is an offshoot of Texas Blues, a sub-genre defined by its jazz and swing influences. West Coast Blues however also incorporates elements of Jump-Blues which became popular around that same time. Piano is a dominant instrument as well as guitar. Vocals tend to be more smooth and “honey-toned” sounding.

12 bar - west coast 2.jpg


Dallas Blues - Floyd Dixon
Three O'clock Blues - Lowell Fulson
Oo Wee Baby Oo Wee - Duke Henderson
Two Bones and a Pick - T-Bone Walker
Cecil Boogie - Cecil Gant
Blue Shadows (1949) - Lowell Fulson
It's Midnight (No Place to Go) - Little Willie Littlefield
Nite-Flite - Lloyd Glenn
I Cried - Jimmy McCracklin
Hey Bartender - Floyd Dixon
T-Bone Blues - T-Bone Walker
The Thrill Is Gone - Roy Hawkins
Do Right Mind - Haskell Sadler
Middle of Winter - Peppermint Harris
When I'm Wrong - Pee Wee Crayton
The Raven - Omar Sharriff
Bad Luck Overtook Me - Johnny Fuller & The Phillip Walker Band
Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown
V-8 Ford - Little Charlie & The Nightcats
Tongue - Johnny Heartsman
Let's Party - JJ Malone
Even If I was Blind - Jacob Rollins
Wooden Bones - The Temple St. Resistance
Let Me In - Matt Hendricks