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12’ Bar Ramblin’ #66 ‘The Devil’s Episode’ with Stefan Matussek

16 November 2021
  • Blues
  • Boogie
  • Dark
  • Soulful
  • Melancholy

In honour of the 66th episode of 12 Bar Ramblin’ it was only appropriate to dedicate it towards all things evil, supernatural, eerie and ghostly. The devil himself makes notable appearances in Blues legends/ mythology. The most well-known legend is that of Robert Johnson meeting the devil at the crossroads and making a deal with him: his soul in return for greater skills as a blues musician. The devil tuned his guitar, taught him a few songs and after that day Johnson became the talented musician we know today. There are many blues songs that mention such topics along with hoodoo magic, supernatural superstitions and other related topics. You will hear plenty of it here in this episode.

12 bar - devil.jpg


Me & The Devil Blues (Take 1) - Robert Johnson
Mean Black Cat Blues - Charley Patton
Evil Devil Woman Blues - Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy
Ghost Creepin' Blues - St. Louis Bessie (Mae Smith)
Devil And My Brown Blues - Bo Weavil Jackson
The Devil's Gonna Git You - Bessie Smith
Devil In the Wood Pile - Noah Lewis
Blue Devil Blues - Texas Alexander
Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil) - Robert Johnson
Dark Was the Night (Cold Was the Ground) - Blind Willie Johnson
Witchin' Hour Blues - Tampa Red
Who Do You Love - Bo Diddley
Evil - Muddy Waters
Hoodoo Lady Blues - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Dealing With the Devil - James Cotton Blues Band
Burning Hell - John Lee Hooker
Evil (Is Going On) - Howlin' Wolf
Devil Is Watching You - Lightnin' Hopkins
Black Cat Bone (Live) - Johnny Winter
Devil Got My Woman - Skip James
The Devil Jumped the Black Man - Lightnin' Hopkins
Death Bell Blues - Cedric Burnside
Dr. Doctor - BEEF BONE
Bait - Scraptones
Walkin' New York to New Orleans - Phillip Namanworth