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12’ Bar Ramblin’ ‘Back to St.Louis’ with Stefan Matussek

24 September 2019
  • Blues
  • Soulful
  • Laid-Back

The Midwestern city of St.Louis is often overshadowed by Chicago when talking about Blues in that region, yet it has a lot to offer. St. Louis Blues is a predominantly piano-based style, but guitar also frequently takes the lead. Generally bands are made up of vocals, piano or guitar and other instruments that primarily serve to support the rhythm.  Often songs in this style are performed to the so called “St.Louis Shuffle” which is a rhythm with heavy on-the-beat accents. The sub-genre is frequently associated with jump blues, ragtime and piano-blues.

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Pearly Mae Blues - James Crutchfield
Bitin' Fleas Blues - Lonnie Johnson
Low Mellow - Blind Teddy Darby
Gasoline Blues - Charley Jordan
My Babe Blues (316) - James "Stump" Johnson
MR. Johnson's Blues - Lonnie Johnson
Come Back Baby - Walter Davis
Built Right On the Ground - Teddy Darby
Patrol Wagon Blues - St. Louis Jimmy Oden
Tough Luck - Robert Nighthawk
My Baby Cooks My Breakfast - James Crutchfield
How You've Changed - Chuck Berry Blues
So Mean to Me - Little Milton
Ooh-ee Baby - Albert King
Cairo Is My Baby's Home - Henry Townsend
St. Louis Blues - Chuck Berry
Penrose After Hours - Bennie Smith
So Long - Big George Brock
Fault Line Tremor - Johnnie Johnson
King & Queen - Jeremiah Johnson
Red Eyed Jesse Bell (Live) - Henry Townsend & Roosevelt Sykes
Alligator Shoes - The Railroad Ave. Bullies
Rodeo - Chattanooga Spoonz
One Monkey - Gardiner & Gabriel