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Above The Clouds #12 w/ Katiusha & special guest Tom Drew: Asperitas

31 March 2020

This month Katiusha invites Tom Drew onto the show to contribute his interpretation of clouds. This episode follows a group of Asperitas clouds, forming, dissipating *throughout a storm*. It serves as a reflection of our experience in times of instability and fear, and of the changeable nature of human emotion. The mix guides the listener through calmness, ominosity, unrest, and panic, before repeating the cycle. 


Sraunus - Asperatus Clouds [ZiK']
Jonathon Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere - Oeil [Versatile Records]
Padmasana - Transition [Dakini Records]
Abrial - Wind Shear [Ritualism]
Ruhig - Invoke [Semantica]
Arkaean - The Tributary [Silent Season]
Modern Eleven - Submerged Body [Annulled Music]
Saphileaum - Nephrite Robe [Annulled Music]
Fischerle & Persuasion - Obsine [idioms]
Celestial Rituals - Invoke (Ness Remix) [Informa Records]
Altinbass - Layers Of Compassion [Nwhite]
Ruhig - Coil [Semantica]
Ben Buitendijk - Stardust [Oblique Music]
Edward Bei - Light Green Light [Arctic Dub Records]
Svarog - Spiv Mavky [Circular Limited]
Aleksi Perälä- FI3AC2029010
Isometric - Little Silver Drops [zenit]
Alex Martin - Fuckers (Altstadt Echo Remix) [Diffuse Reality]
Ruhig - Hornelen [Awry]
Altinbas - Flows [Nwhite]
Awo Ojiji - Laura’s Lodge [Eternal Ocean]
Minor Science - Blue Deal [Whities]
Bandulu - 44100 [Music Man Records]

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