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Above The Clouds #13 w/ Katiusha & special guest Lewis Barnes: Mammatus

28 April 2020

As we wander away from common clouds towards more quirky specimens, this month has us looking at mammatus or mammatocumulus: drooping, in-between formations that coagulate on the underbelly of rainclouds when everything is upside-down. Turbulence; beautiful ominousness; uncertain next steps – the mammatus represents qualities that feel particularly relevant now. Leading the interpretation for this episode we have Lewis Barnes contributing a guest mix full of sub-aquatic ambiguities and sharp turns, with an introductory half hour from Katiusha.


Katiusha side ~

Perko – Pippin' (Version)
Chekov – SMP
Susumu Yokota – The Boy And The Tree
Slagmann (Talismann) – Phase 4
FFT – Grey Area
Bourbonese Qualk – Freefall
96 Back – Petal

Lewis side ~

Field recording
Cucina Povera & Haron – Riffittelyä III
Rabit – Rebirth 5 (Voidness)
Metal Preyers – Snake Sacrifice
Radiante Pourpre – Forja Real
Drums of Mekebuko – Burundi
John Tchicai – These Pink Roses
Remko Scha – Sweep
Nadine Byrne – Memory Is A Wave
Internazionale – Wedge
John T. Gast – Into The West
Metal Preyers – Snake Sacrifice
Field recording
Aphex Twin – #9
Kali Malone – Arched In Hysteria
Happy Meals – Every Moment Is A Birth
Gossiwor – Ava Maria
Yangze – Hold Your Horses
Field Recording
Brannten Schnüre – Immerzu Ein Fiepen
John Tchicai Quartet feat. Misha Mengelberg – Community Bells
Triple Negative – Fine Cargo Lacquer
Philippe Doray / Asociaux Associés – Claire Et Net
Nukubus – GellAC
Heith & Weightausend – Stone Circle

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