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Above The Clouds #15 w/ Katiusha: Sun Nimbus

21 July 2020

Last year we took a look at the Cumulonimbus (or rain cloud) – a powerful, often dark image of storminess that develops and passes in one majestic arc. This month, we dedicate 90 minutes to its smaller, more playful cousin: the sunshower cloud, or sun nimbus. These broken up clouds play tricks with our expectations, ebbing and flowing unpredictably with the pitter patter of bright summer rain. Sometimes gentle, other times more spirited – but always warm – the sun nimbus is a truly mischievous expression of the July sky.


O Yuki Conjugate – Odomankoma
96 Back – Mess Of A FluteHeart
Marc Barecca – The Cult of Saint Jerome
Move D & Benjamin Brunn – C-Sick
Future Beat Alliance – Beginner's Mind
Seahawks & Woo – The Way of Woo
Levon Vincent – Rev's Cost
A Psychic Yes – ??
Benoit B – Compassion And Release
A:xus – Oceans Between Us
Rei Harakami – Pass
ELLL – Flowers
Herve AK – Wait
Thomas Fehlmann With Moritz von Oswald – Schizophrenia
Dane Law – Delph
J. Wiltshire – Resa
Kirk Barley – Ark
Gage – Flags in the Rain
Yamaoka – Sculpture

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