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Above The Clouds #16 w/ Katiusha & slowfoam: Monsoon

15 September 2020

Back from the Cashmere break with a heady guest mix from Seattle-hailing sound artist Slowfoam: this month’s music pays tribute to the monsoon cloud as it washes in a new season of life.

Slowfoam on the guest mix (00:00-55:00): “I made this mix to pay tribute to nostalgic memories of what monsoons in the Sonoran Desert used to be. Long, blindingly hot, dry days would stretch out as the storm clouds built in the distance, waiting for the stinging sun to cool just enough. The first sign that they were moving in was the smell of sweet creosote and wet dirt in the air, and then, in a matter of moments, torrential downpour. From the top of a mountain, you could see the clouds moving swiftly around the valley and lightning striking every couple seconds. The rains let up as quickly as they came on. It was epic, it was moody, and it was always a sweet relief to be happily soaked by these dense storms. This June was the hottest on record in the desert, and monsoons have been scarce. I’m mourning the impact we’ve had on the natural cycles of the larger, older world, and simultaneously celebrating with hope for what was and what could be again.”


SLOWFOAM GUEST MIX (00:00 - 58:00)
Ennio Morricone - For A Few Dollars More
Oval - Store Check
Aïsha Devi - Time (tool)
Mister Water Wet - Drought
Beatriz Ferreyra - Huellas Entreveradas
Abul Mogard - Slate-Coloured Storm
Eli Kessler - Corresponding Probably to Quanta
Maggi Payne - Shimmer
Ennio Morricone - Face to Face
Alexi Baris - Petraining to our Nature
Beatriz Ferreyra - Echos
Beatrice Dillon - Workaround 9
Beatrice Dillon - Clouds Strum
Bernard Parmegiani - Geologie Sonore
Bernard Parmegiani - Points Centre Champa
Caterina Barbieri - Virgo Rebellion (Lucy Remix)
IVVY - are you there god it’s made
Iona Fortune - Da You
IVVY - is it time for dinner (loss of clock)
Elysia Crampton - Secret Raavine
Elysia Crampton - Dog Clouds
Eli Kessler - No Iodine, No Breeze
Lucrecia Dalt - Seca
Kane Ikin & David Wenngren - Swell
MHYSA - breaker of chains
Ellen Fullman - Dripping Music
KATIUSHA MIX (58:00 - 90:00)
Future Sound of London - Tired
Equal Stones - Fragmented Ice
Monsun - Burnt Friedman
Robert Leiner - Northern Dark
Stenny - Dew

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