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Above The Clouds #17 w/ Katiusha: Contrails

13 October 2020

This month, it’s all about contrails: one of the more quirky cloud phenomena many of us are used to seeing, but that maybe don’t spring to mind when we think of clouds.

Airplanes carve long, thin paths of water vapour into an otherwise random skyscape, drawing roads between the very highest cirrus shapes and our daydreaming selves.

In the spirit of this, Above The Clouds looks to music with hypnotic ostinatos, steadfast root notes or pads, and beats that ride on measured forward-motion.


Porn Sword Tobacco – Untitled B2
Microwave Prince – Eternal Light
Reagenz – Shibuya Day
A.M.S & Dog World! – Low Lights
PERIODE – Periode
Konx-Om-Pax – Achernar
Lost Souls of Saturn – Frequency Revelation
Dylan Henner – Two Trains Came Through the Station At Once and It Felt like a Hurricane
S.A.M. – Untitled B1
Klein Zage – Womanhood (DJ Python Remix)
Robert Leiner – Dream Or Reality
Sharp Veins – Flowers That Unfurl at Night

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