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Above The Clouds #19 w/ Katiusha & special guest CCL: Mammatus

8 December 2020

This month we have another guest mix, returning to the bumpy and somewhat weird mammatus cloud – a rare formation that appears when turbulence makes a cumulonimbus form upside-down.

In that spirit, CCL takes us through a menagerie of “bulbous, strange, punchy melodic textures” using tracks that erupt with “zany synth and rhythmic odysseys”.


Katiusha »» 00:00-00:25

Black Dog - Bolt1

Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Six

Carmen Villain - Are You For Real

RPM - Flow

Leya & Elsewhere - Inside, Insight

Pugilist - Encrypted

Potential Differense - Replik 2 (Valance Drakes Remix)

Lena Raine - Tsukuyomi (D'Anthoni Wooten Remix)

Dream Cycle - Untitled Dream

CCL »» 00:25-01:30

??? - ???

Raft of Trash - A Simulated West

Somn451 - Steady Drop

Iota - Xhale

Persuasion - Nightingale Frédéric Galliano - Plis Infinis n2 La Ligue Mix

BOOF - Butterfly

Booshank - Bully (Deep Bully)

Tristan Arp - SHook

Konduku - Cablin

Oui Ennui - Crown Flash

Trailmix - Jupiter

DJ Sottofett - Øl på klubb

Man Machine - Animal (DJ Martin & DJ Holmes Primordial Jungle Mix)

Ali Berger - Shell Game

Forest Drive West - Phosphenes (Wata Igarashi Remix)

Persuasion - Pure Delusion

Audiowork - Illuminating Souls

Sam McQueen - Promontory Beach (Alternate Version)

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