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Above The Clouds #24 with Katiusha: Cumulus Congestus

12 October 2021

Back with some new cloud content after the summer break, this month’s episode looks at cumulus congestus.

These towering cloud piles often lend grandeur and dynamism to a big open horizon, emphasising the size and depth of the sky around them.

That chiaroscuro vibe isn’t just aesthetic either – a good cumulus congestus is the centre point between bright cumulus and dramatic cumulonimbus.

With that in mind, this one’s soundtracked with expansive music selections from Underworld to µ-Ziq to Blu Mar Ten.


Roy Of The Ravers - The Clock House Pt 1.
Dave Aju - X17 Viiibe
Jacques Satre - Jason’s Dream
Underworld - Cups
µ-Ziq - Oxwich & Penrice
Unknown-Untitled - Untitled A1
Arctor - Discord
Blu Mar Ten - Drive
Link - Arcadian (Global Communication Remix)
Appleblim - Infinite Heiroglyphics
Focus Is - Wetman
Access Device - Detras del Paisaje
HearThug - Love Lesson Ft. Fig Republic
Koehler - Saturniid Cycle

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