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Above The Clouds w/ Katiusha & special guest Beluga: Cirrostratus

27 April 2021

After a two month hiatus following the 2 Year “Cloudsourced Special”, Above The Clouds returns to the skies, bringing special guest Beluga with it. This mix represents a full-circle moment in ATC’s field of interest: last year, Katiusha was invited to guest on Beluga’s O.W.S.M. (Open Water Swim Manual) on Balamii, a radio show inspired by the concept of open water. Having found that guest experience particularly rewarding, it was inevitable that Katiusha would return the request, inviting Beluga out of the depths and into her side of the water cycle.

Beluga takes to the task with a new cloud, cirrostratus. These fine formations blanket the sky at high altitudes, creating conditions for sun or moon halos to form. Sun/moon halos occur when light catches the water droplets in cirrostratus at a particular angle, casting an impressive circle around the light source. Beluga explores these textures with airy ambience and enchanting voices in the first hour, with Katiusha stepping up for the last 30 minutes.

OWSM w/ Beluga & Katiusha

OWSM w/ Beluga & Izabel

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