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Acid Shampoo #11 S.2 with Mattia Grigolo aka Musica Mata

11 September 2018

Mattia Grigolo is active on different fronts of the Berlin music scene. Music Journalist, founder of the creative laboratory and cultural events association “Le Balene Possono Volare” and Yanez Magazine, he has a passion for, as well as a vast collection of World music and soundtracks. Under the Mùsica Mata moniker he likes to mix ethnic obscurities with ambient and experimental electronic music, forming unpredictable pathways for dancers and daydreamers. You might have bumped into him while having a shake in Berlin venues such as Prince Charles, Beate Uwe or Anita Berber. 

This Autumn new recordings of Mattia Grigolo, in collaboration with an Italian sound designer, will come to life, the result of a one-take session where the duo composed with field-recordings, noise generated by special pipes and other atmospherics. 

On this chapter of Acid Shampoo Grigolo distills among the best and most extravagant records of his collection, selecting among Ambient, music from Africa and Middle East.


1. Louis De Cicco - The Arounder
2. True Detective (movie quote)
3. Ancestor - Silence/Fall
4. Island People - Ember
5. Cengiz Özkan - Bir ay dogar ilk aksamdan geceden (Daglar Kisimis)
6. Loscil - Holding Pattern
7. Electric Egypt - Kutagwa
8. Tuxedomoon - (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
9. Al Lover meets Cairo Liberation Front - Level 4
10. Baba Zula - Analog Anadolu Dub
11. Alcalica - Cyclic Beach
12. Tzii - الحزب من النسيان
13. Amanar De Kidal - At out tass
14. Gummo Main Title (movie quote)
15. Cruz del Sur - La Mina
16. Heaven Know What (movie quote)
17. Zeit - Ruz
18. Lucio Battisti - Anima Latina

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