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Acid Shampoo #13 Season 2. with Thomas Franklin (Inversions Music)

6 November 2018

Thomas Franklin is co-founder and manager of Inversions, the sister-label of Power Vacuum created in 2016 together with fellow Milo Smee with the intent of undertaking more lively, acoustic and retro-psychedelic sonic directions. As the label`s outcome has struck Manfuoco`s attention and heart, the latter decided to invite Mr. Franklin to Acid Shampoo to play records and talk about his label venture, his background, as well as the collaborations as bass player for bands like Clean & Jerk and Thieves Like Us.


Creme de Hassan - Touki Bouki
Golden Oriole - The Chrysopoeia of the Trilithon Ass
Magma - Kobaia
Heldon - Une Drôle De Journée
Jean-Philippe Goude & Olivier Colé ‎– Jeunes Années
Jon Hassell - Datu Bintung At Jelong
Egberto Gismonti - Fazendo Arte
Harry Partch - The Street
Willis Earl Beal - Able To Wait
Clean & Jerk - Silhouette du Barry
Creme de Hassan - Touki Bouki (reprise)
Rodion G.A. - Bătrânul Cais
Goblin - Connexion
The Colla - Mucca
Bruce Ditmas - L'Unita
Wim Mertens - When The Line Grows Thick

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