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Acid Shampoo #14 Season 2. Manfuoco Acid Mix

4 December 2018

Our host recovers some of his dusty classics and embarks on a vinyl-only mix, live from the Cashmere HQ.


Compuma meets Haku - Compuma Re-edit
Modern Hedonists - So So House
Veco.19 - Eep!
Cobblestone Jazz - Lime In Da Coconut
Exquisite Corpse - Inner Rhythm (Higher World Mix)
Unique 3 - Weight For The Bass (Digi House Mix)
Lonny & Melvin - Suck The Box 
La Funk Mob - Motor Bass Get Phunked Up (Richie Hawtin Electrofunk Remix)
MC Unkown - Untitled
Robotman - Da Da Doo (808 Mix)
Dj 3000 - Hemi
Adam Marshall - Magnum
Mood Edit - Santa Domingo
Boyd Jarvis - Atmos-Fear (Dark'n Dubby Mix) 
Cab Drivers - Second Mush
Nightdrivers - Brightlights
Kong Oscar - Go !
Modus - Voice Of Vatikan (Hierogliphic Being Experience 14)
DJ S2 - Funkatropolis
Luke Vibert - Yoseph
Rockers to Rockers - Rockers To Rockers (Come Again)
Visnadi - Racing Tracks (Indianapolis Drive Mix)
Depth Charge - Under The Light Of The Electric Storm
Alos Huber - Sit Dub
Luke Vibert - Cash`n`Carry Acid
Adonis - Reck The Joint (Reck The House RMX By Steve Poindexter)
The Suburbian Knight - Nocturbulous
Aphrodisiac - Pressure Drop (Altitude Mix)
Tyree Cooper - I’m Free

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