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Acid Shampoo #18 Season II . w/ Ruggero Pietromarchi (Terraforma, Presto!?)

23 April 2019

Manfuoco welcomes to the Lichtenberg`s studio Ruggero Pietromarchi, Terraforma Festival art director and co-runner, with Lorenzo Senni, of Presto!? Records.

On this episode we dig into the vision and taste of our guest, release and unreleased repertoire from Presto!?, as well as from the artists that have played or will perform at Terraforma.

As usual, our host will chase up with questions and hints to stimulate some healthy chats.


Francesco Cavaliere - Una creatura leonina pesce dalle squame d'avorio
Triad God - Soy Pay La
Walter Parti & Ricciarda Belgiojoso - A Rainbow On Curved Air (unpublished reshape)
Vipra - Muscoli D` Oro
Donato Dozzy - 12H (unpublished)
Laurie Spiegel - Drums (Valentino Mora Terraforma Reshape)
Banbounou - Temple
Kelman Duram - 1984, Pimero, Ultimo
RP Boo - Invisibu Boogie
Annette Brissette - Jumping Up And Down
The Irresitibile Force - Flow Motion
Lorenzo Fortino - La Luce In Un Sogno (Futop Musica 2)

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