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Acid Shampoo #21. Vincent Manfuoco presents “Sing it out loud!”. 14.03.17

14 March 2017

Following some memorable sonic explorers as guests , it`s time for Manfuoco to take over AS and welcome the Spring season with a moving and emotional selection, among his most beloved singing themes.


Burning Red Ivanhoe - Near the Sea
The Shillings - Laugh
Steve & The Holidays - Unemployment
Jo Alan - Ballad A Moin Voisin
Usha Iyer & Asha Bholse - I Love You
It's All Meat - Crying into the Deep Lake
Teta Lando- Muato Wa N’Jinjila
Pink Flyod - Paintbox
Michael Yonkers - My Love
England's Glory - Shattered Illusions
Brian Eno - Needle in the Camel's Eye
Bizarros - Nova
Pere Ubu - Ubu Dance Party
Patrick Fitzgerald Group - A Superbeing
Holger Czuckay - The Photo Song
Tuxedomoon - St. John
The Times - Trailer from Enjoy
A Certain Ratio - Do The Du
Fehlfarben - Militürk
Gertruda De Groot & Craig R. Kafton - Deutsche Frau
Wirtschaftswunder - Pizzeologie
Spinning Motion - Naze
17 Pygmies - The Way
Suburbian Lawns - Janitor
The Necessaries - More Real
Naive Set - Spoken For
Das Weisse Pferd - Familie
E Bias - Pleasure
Mina - Conversazione
Domenico Modugno - Vecchio Frak

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