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Acid Shampoo # 25. Vincent goes exotic !

4 July 2017

A sudden heatwave reaches the Lichtenberg Studios ! Manfuoco takes over the full show with an adventure through jungles, palms and South-pacific beaches, from Exotica to multi-genre exotic-flavoured picks.


Maurice Ravel - Bolero
Martin Denny - Quiet Village
Les Baxter - Coronation
Juaneco y su Combo - La Cumbia de Pacurro
Fruko y sus Tetos - Salsa Na Ma
Musique Aymara - Danza Wipfala
Elisabeth Waldo - Seri Lullaby
Elisabeth Waldo - I Coos (Oh Joyous Wind)
Chaino & his african percussion safari - The Feast Dance
Jaques Dutronc - Compapade`
The Q & Monsieur Afrique - Mosquito
Chuck Gallegos & The Fabulous Cyclones - Chilly Beans
The Shadows - Back Home
Juan Garcia Esquivel - So Rare
Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab - Distorted Sioux Indian
Maria Alvear & Drums Off Chaos - Tannenbaum(In Memoriam Jaki Liebezeit 1938–2017 edit)
Martin Denny - Yellow Bird
Martin Denny - Taste Of Honey
Yshak Banjan - Gwal Semahria
Abdou El Omari - Mawa Aid
Arthur Lyman - Blue Hawaii
Wolfang Lauth Qaurtet + 1 - Moonlight Fantasy
Sun Ra - Sun Song
The Gentle People - Journey
Pacific & Lover Man - Our Other Choice
Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix)
African Disco Power - Calypso Path (Sofrito Edit)
In Flagranti - Striking Ejaculation
17 Pygmies - Cheganca
Modus - The Frame (Instrumental)
The Durutti Column - The Room
The Durutti Column - E. E.

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