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Acid Shampoo # 4 S.2 – Manfuoco meets Rufus

30 January 2018

Vincent Manfuoco invites to the Cashmere studios long time friend Rufus, a central character for the foundation and development of his label Marmo Music, being a driving force behind the projects Tru West and The Leftovers. Together they go through the listening of his various projects including his own solo productions and the dance-floor oriented Nightdrivers and Bosconi Soundsystem.


Tru West live @ Loftus Hall, Berlin. April 2014 (Extract)
Tru West - It Looks Like Plastik
Tru West - We Have Your Money, What Can You Do Now ?
The Leftovers - Ghostly Haze
Tru West - Tru Children
Nightdrivers - Nightvisions
Rufus - Rhoda`s Groove
Rufus - Conseguenza
BSS aka Bosconi Soundsystem - Gravel fire
BSS aka Bosconi Soundsystem - Serotonin
BSS aka Bosconi Soundsystem - No Flowers
BSS aka Bosconi Soundsystem - Minor Thinking
Spacemen - how does it feel
Faust - meadow meal
Area - acrostico in memoria di Laio
Tranceparents - Child two ( Paul van Diyk rmx )

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