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Acid Shampoo # 5 S2 “American Dreams” with Vincent Manfuoco

27 February 2018

The so called “American dream” is over, but many other and more authentic dreams of common American people, artists and musicians remain. 

On this chapter Manfuoco goes through a selection of dreamy, psych-infefected and visionary musical expressions from oversea, crossing over decades and genres.


LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
Circuit Des Yeux - Paper Bag
The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot
Moondog - In A Doorway
Bruce Haack - Noonday Sun
We The People - In The Past
The Mothers aka The Mothers Of Ivention - It Can`t Happen Here
The Mothers aka The Mothers Of Ivention - Who Are The Brain Police?
Pere Ubu - Thriller!
Tin Huey - Puppet Wipes
Red Sparowes - Truths Arise
Dead Rider - The Ideal
Ariel Zetina - Invisible Trans Woman
LCD Soundsystem - Emotional Haircut
? & The Mysterians - 96 Tears
Million Brazilians - Traversing the Violet Skies
Dog Eat Dog - The Search
Pauline Anna Strom - Morning Splendor
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Who I Am And Why I Am Where I Am
The Mind Expanders - "Downtown" Trip
Captain Beefheart - When Big Joan Sets Up
Special Costello - In Yer Car

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