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Acid Shampoo #7 Season 2 – A journey by Kull & Manfuoco

24 April 2018

Manfuoco invites Kull – experimental music lover, adventurer and founder of Tropfen record label – for a joint ride into the unknown.


Plone - Plaything
Cabaret du Ciel - Hora Aurea
K. Leimer - My Timid Desires
Carl Stone - Shibucho
Raccoglimento Parziale - Dex
Et Kin - TmT
Poplar Bluff - Coco
Tomaga - Bones And Sky
Monitor - Mokele-Mbembe
The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Back to the Burner
FM Einheit - Frühlingserwachen
The Gnocchi - Hard Parade
Silent People - The Sparkling Flame
Poésie Noire - Timber
Ledernacken - Do the Boogaloo (Moan Along Mix)
Young Flowers - Oppe I Træet, Stk. 3
Collage - Dicci Come Ti Chiami
Lisa Fitz & The Hydra Connection - Die Drogenlose Dame

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