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Acid Shampoo #8 S. 2 w/ Andrea Belfi

22 May 2018

In recent years percussionist and composer Andrea Belfi has been prolifically blessed our ears with streams intense micro-tonal drumming, enchanting ambience and electro-acoustic psychedelia. On this AS chapter, he joins the Cashmere Studios to play records belonging to his own sphere of influence and some picks among his own various projects, the whole garnished by a spontaneous talks induced by the good old Manfuoco.


Günter Schickert - "Oase"
Ennio Morricone “Come Maddalena”
Robert Wyatt “East TImor”
Carla Bozulich “Danceland”
David Lynch “Good Day Today”
De Gennaro / Der Maurer play John Cage “Dance Music for Elfrid Ide 1st movement “
Don the Tiger “La Celada”
Lucio Battisti “Anima Latina”
Franco Battiato “Summer on a Solitary Beach”
Fluorescent Pigs “Botaniku Meeting”
Sun Araw “High Slide”
Captain Beefheart “Kandy Korn”
Andrea Belfi “Su Linee Rette”

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