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Acid Shampoo #9 with Vincent Manfuoco & Dynamo Dreesen (Acido Records)

5 April 2016

Time has come for Manfuoco`s Acid Shampoo to share the mic and some psycheledic tales with a guest. Fresh of 12” EP for Honest Jon`s as Dreesvn partnering with SVN, Andreas Krumm alias Dynamo Dreesen is the mastermind behind Acido Records, label that stand out for profound visions and originality, while experimenting within techno and electro-acustic jams, throughout dubbed-up aesthetics, african drum-patterns and mind-swirling sounds.

Acid Shampoo is honoured to bring to Cashmere one of the most uncompromising and authentic artists of nowadays` electronic music scene.

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