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Applied Arts Show #22 w/ Ed Longo

19 February 2019
  • Funk/Soul
  • Soulful
  • Sensual
  • Laid-Back
  • Funky
  • Delicate

Hosted once more by Applied Arts honcho Ed Longo, Episode #22 is a laid-back, mellow affair, featuring only mellow grooves and slow burners.

Starting with Kalima’s, “(Where is The) Sunshine”, a 1981 rare groove holy grail, recently reissued by the excellent Chuwanga Records, the radio show kicks in with a string of mid 80s drum machine soul jams, most notably the absolute party burner that is “Win Your Love” by Josie James, a 1985 Nigel Martinez production on the UK TPL Records. Sensuality takes on a new level with Broomsfield “Where Do I Go From Here”, from the eponymous LP which features also the classic “Don’t Cover Up Your Feelings”, followed by Desi’s “Much Too Shy”, a lovely 80s 2-step ballad about shyness and coming out (Blue Records).

The second half of the show drops the drum machines to rest on a more classic end 70s 2-Step sound, featuring tight live drums, string arrangements and celestial vocals. The incredible vocal performance of Renee Diggs (singer of Starpoint) on “I Got The Love” is followed by equal vocal heavyweight O’Bryan with the infectious bass groove of “Doing Alright” and culminates in absolute 2-step masterpiece “Sunshine” by Leo’s Sunshipp.

The final part of the show drifts towards more jazzy territories, leaving lots of place for solos of all kinds (guitar, sax, rhodes, scat vocals – you name it) featuring tracks by Cargo, Rosie Gaines and Uk jazz guitarist Phil Upchurch.



♪ Kalima - (Where Is The) Sunshine
♪ Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
♪ Josie James - Win Your Love
♪ Lisa Danielle - Let Me Down Easy
♪ Colors - L.O.S. (Love On Sight)
♪ Broomfield - Where Do I Go From Here
♪ Desi - Much Too Shy
♪ Dennis Edwards - Don’t Look Any Further
♪ Starpoint - I Got The Love
♪ O’Bryan - Feeling Alright
♪ Leo’s Sunshipp - Sunshine
♪ Phil Upchurch - When And If I Fall In Love
♪ Steely Dan - Black Cow
♪ Rosie Gaines - Good Times
♪ The Two Tons - I Been Down
♪ Scheer Music - Something Else
♪ Cargo - It’s Your Love (Instrumental)

All the way through and in between -> ♪ Dolphin Song by Surf Sounds