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Applied Arts Show #23 w/ Buena Onda (Jona Jefferies & Gallo)

19 March 2019
  • Ambient
  • Balearic
  • Downtempo
  • Funk/Soul
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Mystical

“Ibiza ensoñadora

que toda las tardes aplaude

la puesta del sol

desde pedestres calas

salpicadas de tímidas arenas, enamoradas de mar

que se dejan adormecer

con el susurro de las olas

vestidas sólo con encajes blancos.

Estas escuchando el sonido de Buena Onda…”

It’s a short poetry about the Isla Blanca which kicks off Episode #23. Escapist utopia, Atlantis of the spirits and promised Land at the same time, the imaginary of the island of Ibiza has distilled as a style and feeling (see Balearic) and lives on in dreamers and lovers worldwide.

Buena Onda, the DJ collective, mix series and events run by the brothers Matteo & Marco Gallerani and Jona Jefferies is dedicated to pursuing this fine spirit of music, a blend that is atmospheric yet organic and soulful.

For Episode #23 they took over the controls in the Cashmere loft and turned the place into a seaside terrace facing a sunset on the water. Thanks Buena Onda!

tracklist follows..



♪ S&W - Arrival At The Shore
♪ Toshifumi Hinata - In The Light
♪ Troels Hammer feat. Clara Valente - Conversa Da Lua
♪ Gallo - Colori (Chris Coco Deep Space Version)
♪ Jabru - In Limbo Tails Out
♪ Fourth Kind - The Star Of A Story
♪ Pablo Color - Parasol (7 pm)
♪ Open Space Feat Harriet Brown - Hot Weather (Dub)
♪ Charles - Outstanding
♪ Frank Harris & Maria Márquez - Loveroom
♪ Dream Lovers - Brasil (Abel's Gavea Mix)
♪ Jorge Ben - Curumin Chama Cunhata
♪ Ed Longo & Applied Arts Ensemble - A Palm In The Closet
♪ Bergo - Kalimba
♪ Calm - Mellow Mellow Sadness (Calm Mellow Mellow Acid Remix)
♪ Rotla -Waves (Mark Barrett Sketches From And Island Healing Hands)
♪ George Earnest - Holodrum
♪ Gianni Morandi & Lució Dalla - Dimmi Dimming (Moockie B Edit)