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6 July 2020

O.J.A.I. presents the soundtrack to its favourite buildings and invited guests to provide a special architecture-related track. Wanted: Highrise boyfriends – international style and brutalist preferred. Sexuality and administrative rigour contained in one expressionless body.

Presented by Chris Dreier and Gary Farrelly with Gavin Murphy, Oisin Byrne, Gilles Hellemans and Henry Andersen.


1. Martin Schmitz - Gold und Beton

2. City Center - Profondo Rosso

3. Gavin Murphy - exerpt from Video

7. O.J.A.I. Towerlist - read by Oisin Byrne

8. Serge Gainsbourgh - New York, USA

9. Davis Shire - Manhattan Skyline

10. Shieldfield - O.J.A.I.

11. Alexandra Atnif - Void Aesthetics

12. Gilles Hellemans - Alma

13. Henry Andersen - Architecture and Distance Mix

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