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Astral Traveling #15 – Sundance, w/ Maxime L.

14 October 2021

Back on the Cashmere waves following the welcomed return of the Astral Traveling Listening Sessions this month. As I couldn’t decide between hanging to the last rays of sunshine or embracing the cold and dark Berlin winter vibes, you’ll find both lighter and darker moods here, mostly taken from recent releases I enjoyed listening to.

Tune in and enjoy the spoken word genius of Jeanne Lee, a fifteen-minute long excerpt of Isaiah Collier’s coltranesque masterwork Cosmic Transitions, a sneak peek into Jamael Dean & Sharada Shashidhar’s upcoming album on Stones Throw and more.

Print Artwork by Anne Fock

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Nala Sinephro - Space 4
Jeanne Lee - Sundance
Mushroom Hour Half Hour - Be The Light
Jamael Dean & Sharada Shshidhar - Èṣù
Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few - Part III. Understanding/Part IV. Truth and Guidance
Andy Hay - Seasons. 4 parts.
Wildflower - Yellow
Ill Considered - Loosed
Esperanto - Angela La Española
Donald Byrd - Lansana's Priestess
Petter Eldh feat. Savannah Harris - Lorimer
Irreversible Entanglements - Lágrimas Del Mar
Frank Foster - E.W. - Beautiful People
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Inflated Tear

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